Amber Hahn Pink Minidress

Those glasses definitely put an accent on her boobs, don’t you think? Amber Hahn is in her favorite pink dress she wears when she’s out and about the town looking for fun. And you can bet your ass she gets plenty of attention looking like this.


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Looking sexy makes her feel sexy as well, and procrastinating a good masturbation session never made sense to her, and why should it? Amber is constantly horny, and in need of a good mind numbing orgasm. As she pushes her tits together, or when she spreads her legs exposing herself, she leaves no one in doubt as to what she wants.

No woman’s night drawer is complete without their faithful little sex toy. And she is no different, as she uses a pink vibrator to finally relieve her body and mind by the power of masturbation and a long awaited sensual expedition of her deepest fantasies.

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