Ftv Girls Amber Hahn

From the moment you see her walking down a restaurant area, and watch those huge braless firm breasts bounce under that dress… you know she’s a fun, frisky type of girl!

She’s wearing a form fitting sexy dress, and those big DD cups are visible through her clothes, and every step she takes with her long leggy form has them bouncing about.

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While construction workers and other employees watch, she starts flashing her sexy butt, then her big breats, eventually lifting her dress for everyone to see! She sits at a bench, and starts rubbing herself out in the open — but then comes trouble. Police arrive surround her and handcuff her — 2 hours interviewing her and charging her. Unfortunate… but she is a total trooper and shrugs it off with a very sexy dance at home!

She knows how to move, and that perfect body really shines from every angle. Her erotic dancing continues in the balcony naked, and then its time to masturbate! She takes her favorite vibrator and a dildo, pounds herself hard, then rides it to a strong orgasm. Then we get extreme closeups of her very pretty private parts, from labia stretching, clit closeups, and fingering/gaping.

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Back out again, this time in a sporty outfit and a very loose fitting top — she runs around with her breasts bouncing about on a mountain street — and takes her pants off and finger bangs herself hard! Notice how juicy she is.

She then visits a remote tennis court, and runs around naked some more before finding a ribbed dildo and pounding herself with it! Great views of her butt and her fucking herself in doggy style.

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Then wearing seethrough babydoll lingerie, we see her find a very large cucumber, and give it a deep blowjob… then fuck it in several different positions. Its so thick, really pushing her limits! Then she is challenged to masturbating with it, while she uses her favorite vibrator. She pounds herself with it, then when on top she goes ever deeper and has a strong orgasm!

Its shocks her how deep she went with the cucumber. We get to enjoy her breasts even further with a nice hard oily breast massage, as Amber squeezes them super hard, and plays with her nipples. We watch them bounce about as she goes running in the nude! As the day comes to a close, we see her in another sexy dress and wedges, with a slower, more sensual dance to music. The clothes slowly come off, and then she brings out the Big Ten Toy. The largest & longest thing she’s ever experienced — she deep throats it first (surprisingly deep!) then rides it even deeper.

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A nice hard ride, we get views from both sides, until she wants it in doggy. She attaches it to a wall mirror, and ends up fucking it doggy style. Rubbing herself fast while pounding hard, she ends up with another orgasm! Busty lovers enjoy this super sexy addition to FTV GIRLS, she’s that confident, super-arousing kind of girl we all wish we could have.


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Amber Hahn Never Happen

Schoolgirls can be really, really hot, and Amber Hahn is certainly a nice example. This captivating brunette has all the curves in the right places, and, what’s even better, it looks like she just loves to get naked in front of the camera and show her masturbation skills to everyone.

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Every single of her solo sessions start with the old teasing – Amber turns around and reveals just how great-looking her shaved pussy is, after which she pulls up her sexy, tight shirt and exposes one of the best pairs of boobs that the eye can see. 

And then comes the best part. Amber will find a comfortable position, pull up her skirt, and place the vibrator directly onto her clitoris, providing her own snatch with some wild vibrations while trying to reach the mighty climax. Watching her engage in this orgasmic adventure is just awesome – she’s a true sex goddess!

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Amber Hahn in Mini Denim Skirt

Has mother nature just turned on the thermostat? Oh, it’s Amber Hahn taking her clothes off that made it this fucking hot! If there’s one thing she can do well it’s making things steaming hot, and making men’s pants so tight it becomes almost unbearable. And we wouldn’t want her any other way.

As she slowly uncovers herself from that tight denim skirt she wears so well, gradually revealing her succulent bald pussy, she realizes just how hornier she’s getting second by second. Whether you’re an ass man, or a boob type of guy, Amber has both of those categories covered just fine!

Having a little fun on any given day is what makes life great, and she wastes no time to treat her pussy, body and mind to an overwhelming and explosive orgasm. Cumming re-energizes her completely, and it’s one of the things she couldn’t imagine life without. Amber is one unbelievable woman.

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Amber Hahn in black leather shorts and red top

The one combination of colors that is sure to go well together is red and black. Well to be honest, on a knock out like Amber Hahn, any combo goes well together, just look at her stunning figure. Slutty and elegant looking all at once, not many women could pull that off.

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She is a born entertainer, using her magic to in captivate her drooling audience. It is no trickery, the magic is her charisma, raw sexuality, willingness to expose her sexy body, and above all her utter most intimate desires, fantasies and letting people take a peek into her soul.

And it’s no wonder she manages to do this all, whenever she has her pussy played with it’s like she is overcome with such bliss and elation that her eyes simply light up, and if you are lucky enough to witness this, then you too will be sucked into the whirlpool of her lustful yearnings.

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